Design your own home

Design your own home

Semi-long English course with Jana Hradecká. Come to learn about interior design!

Lectures with Jana Hradecká / your individual work at school with Jana´s supervision / plus organized visits in showrooms and design shops / commented walk in Prague (architecture and design)

The price of this course is Price: 59.900 CZK without VAT, it contents 60 hours of theory / 10 hours of supervised work in school / and more.

60 hours of theory / 10 hours of supervised work in school / and more

1) How to plan and work with interior / 24 hours

2) Interior styles / 12 hours

3) How to work with colors / 6 hours

4) Materials / 6 hours

5) Art and decorations in your own style / 6 hours

6) Lightning and optional / 3 hours + 3 hours

7) Practice and additional / many hours 🙂

Everybody has unique talents. Let us help you to develop yours.

Come study with us!
Learn how to do interior design like a true professional.
After sending the form we will reach you with more information regarding the course and answer all your questions.
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Who will teach the course?

Interior designer, founder and director of Interier design school and Intermezzo interior design studio. Founder of the Association of Interior Designers and Decorators.

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